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Our Firm accepts new cases from attorney referrals and personal litigants. Regardless of whether you are an attorney or a litigant, we are committed to providing high quality representation for all of your appellate needs.

Speaker Law Firm has appellate experience in a wide range of legal subjects. The following areas are a small sample of the types of appeals we have handled:

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The Speaker Law Firm’s practice primarily derives from referrals from other attorneys. The firm also accepts cases without a referral from trial counsel on a limited basis. Regardless of whether you are an attorney or a litigant, The Speaker Law Firm is committed to providing high quality representation for all of your appellate needs.

Speaker Law Firm has appellate experience in a wide range of legal subjects. The following areas are a small sample of the types of appeals Speaker Law Firm has handled:

Procedural Issues

Regardless of the substantiative area of law, many times the issue on appeal solely involves procedure and application of the court rules. Speaker Law Firm has extensive appellate experience on procedural issues. The attorneys have appealed (and defended on appeal) many procedural questions, including jurisdictional issues, motion to quash service, attorney's fees, scope of appellate orders, equitable tolling of appellate deadlines, forum non conveniens, conflicts of interest, privileges, evidentiary issues, and many cases involving interpretation of court rules. The Firm submitted an Amicus Curiae brief on behalf of the Appellate Practice Section regarding equitable tolling for delayed applications, a position with which the Michigan Supreme Court agreed.

Family Law

Speaker Law Firm regularly represents families in domestic relations law appeals, including child custody, parenting time, change of domicile, grandparenting time, adoption, paternity, property division, child support and spousal support. Liisa Speaker obtained a premptory reversal in the Michigan Supreme Court on an adoption case in In the Matter of Steven Zimmerman. She also prepared an amicus brief in the Michigan Supreme Court on behalf of the Family Law Section regarding fraudulent transfers in divorce in Estes v Titus. Liisa has many published articles and presentations in the domestic relations arena. She has also obtained many favorable results for her clients including published victories in Rose v RoseRichards v Richards and Glaubius v Glaubius. She also has obtained many peremptory reversals of the Trial Court in custody matters.

Children's Law

Speaker Law Firm represents clients with issues related to child welfare law, particularly representing parents in termination of parental rights appeals. On multiple occasions the Firm has obtained the rare reversal in a termination of parental rights case in the Court of Appeals (Rose v Rose). The Speaker Law Firm has also prepared amicus briefs on behalf of the Children's Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan in two major Michigan Supreme Court Cases (In re Hudson Morgan) and in the United States Supreme Court (Camreta v Greene). Liisa prepared a Supreme Court amicus brief in In re Wangler-Paschke. Liisa has also presented and trained attorneys on child welfare appeals. Speaker Law Firm is particularly interested in constitutional issues in the child welfare arena.

Personal Injury Litigation

Speaker Law Firm has worked on numerous personal injury appeals, including automobile negligence, governmental immunity, premises liability, negligence, wrongful death, medical malpractice, and legal malpractice. Included in briefing were substantive legal issues such as proximate cause, agency, duty and statutory construction (Augustine v Allstate). Speaker Law Firm represents amicus curiae in cases under the No-Fault Act for Michigan Association for Justice and Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault (Hunter v Sisco).

Probate Litigation

Speaker Law Firm has represented clients in probate appeals at the Circuit Court, Court of Appeals (In re Conservatorship of Shirley Bittner), and the Michigan Supreme Court on issues such as intestate distribution, undue influence, trustee powers, surcharge, capacity and the duties of guardian ad litems. The Firm obtained a peremptory reversal from the Supreme Court on a trust appeal. Liisa is a regular contributor to the Probate and Estate Planning Journal with her column "Speaking of Appeals."

Real Property Law

The Firm has worked on appeals involving boundary disputes, eminent domain, zoning, and riparian rights (Locust Lane v Thiebaut, et al), and easements. The Firm obtained a reversal on an interlocutory appeal regarding riparian park property. 

Employment Law

Speaker Law Firm has handled employment appeals addressing covenants not to compete, commission disputes, and sexual harassment claims. The Firm won an employment discrimination appeal for plaintiff-employee after the trial court overturned a $1.9 million jury verdict and obtained a reversal for a client in an FMLA appeal to 6th Circuit (Romans v Michigan DHS). Speaker Law Firm also filed an amicus brief on a constructive notice issue, which aided a victory in the Michigan Supreme Court.

Commercial Litigation

Speaker Law Firm has also represented businesses on appeals pertaining to conversion, licensing issues, and contract interpretation. We have also handled interlocutory appeals for a complex commercial litigation appeal involving a $600,000 partnership dispute.

Criminal Law

Speaker Law Firm successfully defended against an appeal by the government from a trial court order dismissing all charges. The Firm also represented criminal defendants in appeals on jury instructions, search and seizure, sufficiency of evidence, ineffective assistance of counsel, and many constitutional issues. Speaker Law Firm also obtained a reversal in a DUI appeal on two independent evidentiary grounds. The Firm handles criminal appeals in both State and Federal Court.

If you are thinking about appealing, call our office and ask for Caitlyn or Renee and be sure to have the following information ready:

  • Trial Court Order w/signed date
  • Case Number
  • Name of Trial Court Judge
  • County
  • Description of case issues