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Billing Specialist & Scheduler

Posted on Monday, March 22, 2021

Full time or Part time if desired

If these statements appeal to you, then you may be our Billing Specialist:

  • You smile when you answer the phone
  • You are an amazing scheduler with a meticulous attention to detail
  • You are very good with calendars, e-mail, spreadsheets, word processing, and the internet
  • You are good at setting goals, following through on them, and helping others set and follow through on their goals
  • Your patience knows no limit
  • Your middle name is “No Drama”
  • You are an awesome juggler of tasks and can change gears quickly
  • You do not think scanning and copying are “beneath you”
  • You love working in and being part of a team
  • You have a growth and positively oriented mindset


The Billing Specialist is responsible for managing the Firm’s processes and systems related to timekeeping, billing, retainer replenishment, accepting payments, and collections of accounts receivables. The Billing Specialist makes sure time entries demonstrate value, so clients pay their bills timely.

Job Responsibilities - Billing Specialist:

  1. Review the quality and timeliness of time entries. Contact billers to ensure time is entered timely.
  2. Edit bills to correct typos, grammar errors, and ensure proper sentence structure.
  3. Coordinate with billers to improve descriptions of activities to ensure the bills demonstrate progress and value.
  4. Coordinate with billers to resolve apparent errors where time is entered on the wrong matter or entries appear to be duplicated.
  5. Collect records of expenses of costs advanced to clients and updates the case management system and accounting system accordingly.
  6. Identify for the Controller/Administrator/Owner where billable records exceed Firm guidelines/timeframes for activities.
  7. Generate pre-bills weekly and provide them to the Controller/Administrator/Owner for review and approval.
  8. Prepare or generate final invoices/statements and sends them to clients in accordance with the Firm’s policies and procedures for timekeeping, billing, and expense tracking.
  9. Process payments in accordance with the Firm’s policies and schedules for accepting payments.
  10. Manages the retainer/trust accounts, auto-replenishment, and installment payments.
  11. Oversee red rubberband policy
  12. Work with clients to address questions and concerns related to billing and payment and provides customer service to resolve issues and save relationships.

Job Responsibilities - Scheduler:

  1. Update Firm’s calendars and charts with case assignments
  2. Ensure all deadlines are kept up to date
  3. Ensure team is aware of upcoming deadlines
  4. Audit Firm’s staff agenda to ensure accuracy
  5. Confer with online court dockets to ensure accuracy


  • Vacation time
  • Sick days
  • Opportunity for increased hours based on demand (If part time)
  • Health Care 0ptions after 90 days (if full time)

To apply, email your resume and cover letter in PDF to dobregon(at), with the subject line reading "Billing & Scheduler Applicant". 

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