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Michigan Bar Exam Appeals

Posted on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Bar Exam Appeals.

Bar exam appeals are fast-paced and procedurally inflexible. If you have just learned that you did not receive a passing score on the Michigan Bar Exam, you need to move quickly to preserve your appeal. Speaker Law can help you navigate through the dicey appellate waters to ensure preservation of your rights and to ghostwrite your appeal for you.

Very few law firms in the State of Michigan dedicate their entire practice to appellate work. Our firm’s sole commitment to appellate work provides our clients with superior written advocacy, which is critical in appealing your bar exam essay score.

How The Exam Is Scored.

The bar exam is made up of two components: the multistate exam and the essay exam. The multistate portion is worth up to 200 points. The essay portion of the exam consists of 15 questions, each worth a maximum of 10 points. The formula used for scoring the exam is:

Combined Score = [scaled essay score + MBE score] / 2

To pass the exam, you need a combined score of 135 or higher.



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