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Omdahl and Attorneys Fees

Posted on Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Omdahl is a case that came out last year, but is scheduled for a MOAA (mini oral argument on application) before the Michigan Supreme Court tomorrow, March 7, 2007. The Court of Appeals held that an attorney representing himself in an Open Meetings Act (OMA) challenge could recover attorneys fees. I think this case could have implications for the recovery of attorneys fees beyond the OMA.

I haven't decided whether I agree with the COA's decision. I think the case could potentially be good for attorneys who decide to represent themselves because they can be compensated for the time they devote to a case even though they did not have a cash outlay to hire an attorney. But the case could be bad for our clients who we represent in cases where any in pro per attorney is on the other side and the in pro per attorney did not actually expend money on attorneys fees.

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