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Real stories, real cases. Join host Liisa Speaker of Speaker Law Firm for “In the Name of the Law”. The show that informs and discusses topics from three areas of law: Family Law, Criminal Defense Law, and Personal Injury Law. 

Be sure to catch new episodes Wednesdays @ 9 am WLAJ ABC.

Season 3

Episode 1: Parenting Time During COVID, False Cofessions & Auto Insurance

Join host Liisa Speaker of Speaker Law Firm and the experts from Wood & Associates, Chartier & Nyamfukudza, PLC and Sinas Dramis Law Firm to discuss parenting time during COVID, getting false confessions reversed, and understanding your auto insurance coverages.

Episode 2: Auto Accident Survivors, Ex-Spouses & Bill Cosby Conviction

Watch your expert attorneys discuss warnings for auto accident survivors, how to get information from your soon to be ex-spouse, and the reversal of the Bill Cosby trial results!

Episode 3: Lansing's Dangerous Roadway, Criminal Expungement & Spousal Support

Join your expert attorneys as they discuss the most dangerous roadway in the Lansing area, the new criminal expungement law and spousal support.

Episode 4: ROPA, Sinas Dramis 70th Anniversary & R. Kelly Criminal Case

Join host Liisa Speaker of Speaker Law Firm and the expert attorneys from Wood & Associates, Chartier & Nyamfukudza and Sinas Dramis Law Firm to discuss the Revocation of Paternity Act, the 70th Anniversary of Sinas Dramis and the R. Kelly criminal proceedings.

Episode 5: Oxford High School, Parents Going to Court & Senior Citizens - Auto Insurance

In episode 5, the attorneys discuss the criminal liability surrounding the Oxford High School shooting, tips for parents going to court for their family law cases, and the rights of senior citizens with respect to the new auto insurance laws.

Episode 6: Criminal Exoneration Story, Friend of Court Process & Auto Insurance for Motorcyclists

In this episode, the attorneys discuss the criminal exoneration of Ken Nixon, the Friend of Court process in family law cases, and how the new auto insurance law impacts motorcyclists.

Season 2

Season 2 kicked off the fall of 2020, the attorneys are virtual this season but still bring practical legal advice to our viewers!

Join Liisa Speaker of Speaker Law Firm are the experts from The Kronzek Firm PLCChartier & Nyamfukudza, PLC and Sinas Dramis Law Firm.

Watch Season 2 here!

Season 1

The inagural season of the legal talk show In The Name Of The Law aired in the fall of 2019. The show is hosted by Liisa Speaker and featured attorneys from Bailey & Terranova, Chartier & Nyamfukudza, PLC and Sinas Dramis Law Firm.

Watch the full first season here

Special Series: Race in America 

Changes must be made to end injustice.

Join Liisa Speaker of Speaker Law Firm and Takura Nyamfukudza of Chartier & Nyamfukudza, PLC as they discuss with guests about what must be done to finally achieve equality in the United States.

Race in America: Episode 1

Special Guests: Robert Easterly, President, Davis-Dunnings Bar Association. Rep. Sarah Anthony, 68th District Michigan Representative, and Wayne Lynn, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Turning Point of Lansing.

Race in America: Episode 2

Special Guests: Mary Chartier, Alane Laws-Barker, MD, and Conner Long, Student at East Lansing High School.

Race in America: Episode 3