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Speaker Law White Papers!

We have over 30 white papers for you to download anytime! Our white papers are written in a way to give you maximum information in a relatively compact time frame. In just a few short pages you will find in-depth details that’ll help answer your legal questions!

Topics range from family law, to childrens law, to probate law!


A Trial Attorney's Guide on Advising the Family Law Client When Not to Appeal

There are many reasons as to why a family law client might want to appeal, and there are just as many reasons for them not to appeal. This white paper includes our top 10 reasons not to appeal and will help trial attorneys increase the chances that their client will be one of the 15% of family law appellate victories.

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What to Tell Your Client Who Wants to Immediately Appeal an Unfavorable Ruling

We have all had a client who thinks everything is an emergency. But sometimes there are court rulings that require emergency or immediate relief from a higher court. This white paper will help you determine what cases classify as an emergency, what you need so your client can appeal and when your client can expect a decision.

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Tips for the Trial Attorney Working on a Change of Domicile or Change of School Motion

Change of domicile and change of school requests can be tricky, and no matter how early the process begins, sometimes these motions and hearings are delayed so that decisions on school and domicile changes are being made just before the school year starts -- and many times even after. In this white paper you will find our 6 tips for family law attorneys who are presenting or responding to domicile or school change motions.

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Why Your Family Law Clients Still Need you as Trial Counsel After They Hire an Appellate Attorney

Even once the client retains appellate counsel, the need for trial counsel continues, and the willingness of trial counsel to stay involved with the case is important for the long-term health and welfare of the family law matter! Here are the top 5 reasons why the client (and appellate attorney) still need you on the case.

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The Top 8 Things That Confuse and Surprise Clients About Appeals

Like many things regarding the law, appeals are not always black and white, and there are a lot of different aspects of the appellate process that can confuse and surprise clients. If you are an attorney, then check out this white paper and be one step ahead of your clients!

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The Top 10 Things Plaintiffs’ Attorneys Should Know in Anticipation of Appeal

This white paper you will supply you with an easy guide that highlights the ten most important things to know in anticipation of your client's appeal. From Final Orders and Cross Appeals all the way to the Supreme Court – this white paper covers it all!

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10 Things You Should Know if Your Child Welfare Client is Facing an Appeal

Read Liisa Speaker's top 10 things you should know if you have a child welfare client who is appealing. Knowing these ten things before your client appeals is essential for their case, so click the link below to get the information to help your client!

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Hot Topics in Michigan Custody Cases

In this white paper are the 8 hot topics you need to know. Why you ask? Because it gives you a competitive edge on what mistakes trial courts are making, what problems keep occurring and which issues are getting the attention of the appellate courts.

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Top 11 Threshold Appeal Issues in Child Custody and Parenting Time Cases

The goal of our white papers is to make it easier for you to identify if your client has an appealable issue and what you can do to help them. This white paper is no different, it shares eleven of the most common issues that can be appealed.

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When Can Your Client Appeal a Conservator or Guardianship Matter?

Conservator and guardianship cases are on the rise in trial courts and the Court of Appeals. This short and to the point guide answers your CA and GA appeal questions! Such as...When you can appeal a conservatorship or guardianship matter. Which CA and GA orders are appealable; and how EPIC (the Estates and Protected Individuals Code) comes into play?

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Plea-Based Appeals: What You Need to Know

A few of the many things you will learn by downloading this white paper written by one of our appellate attorneys, Stephen Cooley is how to preserve your client’s case, requirements for a valid plea and the risks associated with withdrawing a plea.

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Saving an Appeal By Right for Your Client

What stumps some trial attorney’s is the world of appeals. One area of huge mystery to trial attorneys is whether the client has an appeal by right or an application for leave. This question forces them to determine whether there is a “final order” or “final judgment.” Download this white paper today to get the facts straight from the experts! This white paper shares with you three ways you can save an Appeal By Right for your family law or child welfare client.

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5 Hot Tips About the New Post-Judgment Custody “Final Order” Rule

With the new “Final Order” rule in place, you may not be sure what is the best course of action you’re your appeal or your client’s appeal. This white paper shares Liisa Speaker’s top 5 tips on the new post-judgment custody “Final Order” Rule and how it can impact a case.

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5 Employment Law Appeal Tips

We have come up with 5 short and to the point tips on Employment Law Appeals that are not only relevant to appellate attorneys but trial attorneys as well.

This white paper is free to download, so you have nothing to lose and knowledge to gain!

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The Adoption Appeals Guide

Cases regarding adoption have always been special to Liisa and the Speaker Law Firm. When she was writing this guide, she wanted to make sure she listed the most important procedures so every attorney knows the options their clients have when it comes to adoption appeals.

This guide lists the five things Liisa wants you to know the MOST regarding adoption appeals!

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8 Things Every Probate Attorney Should Know to Help Their Client Prepare for an Appeal

This white paper you will give you answers to 8 important questions you should know in order to help your client prepare for an appeal.

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Tips for Parenting Time Appeals 

Every white paper our Firm sends out has one goal in mind, to provide helpful and informative information on appeals.

This white paper on parenting time appeals is no different. We don't want or need anything from you in exchange for this information, all we ask is that you put the knowledge you gain to good use!

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7 Things You Should Know About Grandparenting Time Appeals 

Grandparenting time appeals tend to raise numerous legal challenges because many judges fail to observe the requirements of the statutory provision, so download this white paper today to find out the seven things you should know about appealing a grandparenting time issue. 

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5 Important Tips for You to Remember as Your Family Law Client Contemplates an Emergency Appeal

Download our FREE White Paper on Emergency Appeals today and receive helpful knowledge and tips on the following 5 items: Costs, Quick Decisons, Personal Service, COA Requirements and Types of Issues. 

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9 Things You Should Keep in Mind as You Are Wrapping Up Your Clients' Divorce Cases

Get inside Liisa's mind and read the 9 things you should think of while your client's divorce case is coming to an end. Maybe your client is unhappy with their ruling, this white paper will give you appeal deadline and timing information. As well as, cross appeal and post judgment motion information! 

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How The New Marijuana Law Will Impact Family Law Cases

Since marijuana was legalized by Michigan voters in 2019, there is no doubt that it will impact family law cases in some way. In this white paper Liisa Speaker has given specific case examples that have discussed marijuana use in custody cases. And where it appears that marijuana use is most frequently weighed upon in the proceedings. 

This topic is also discussed in the Family Law segment of Episode 1 of In The Name Of The Law, which you can watch here.

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A Quick Guide to How Parental Alienation is Used by the Michigan Appellate Courts

In this white paper, Liisa provides information regarding how parental alienation has been described in appellate decisions, looking into both published and unpublished decisions.

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Episode 2 of the legal talk show In The Name Of The Law, offers a view about how to avoid
parental alienation in a skit performed by Amy Bailey and Patrick Bailey of Bailey & Terranova - watch here.

Top 6 Tips For Advising Your Family Law Client About Emergency Appeals

This guide lays out what kind of family law situation might justify a request for emergency relief in the
Court of Appeals, when they might recieve a decision and how the COVID-19 shutdown impacts an emergency appeal.

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The Effect of Custody Disputes on Teenagers

In this white paper, we highlighted some of the potential impacts that divorce and custody disputes can have on teenagers. And it expands upon the several different issues discussed in the family law segment of Episode 3 - Starting Over of In The Name Of The Law? Which you can watch here

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Appellate Tips

This white paper seires is broken down into three parts: 

  • Part 1: Initiating an Appeal - Download HERE
    • What to do when receiving a late order.
    • How to get a stay of a Trial Court's order while an appeal is pending.
    • Drafting Emergency Applications for Leave to Appeal and Emergency Motions.
  • Part 2: Appeal Briefing - Download HERE
    • When is the Appellant's Brief Due? 
    • Selecting issues for appeal.
    • The Court of Appeals appendix rule. 
  • Part 3: Argument, Decision & Supreme Court - Download HERE
    • Which Judges will decide the appeal.
    • Preparing for oral argument. 
    • How long can you expect to wait for a decision. 

Stepparent Adoptions: What Attorneys Should Know, and What We Don't

This whitepaper simply breaks down what you should know when dealing with stepparent adoptions and provides further explanation to issues we still don't know the answers to.

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Adoption Practice Tips: Tips for Attorneys Based on Common Judge Mistakes in Adoption Case

This whitepaper was prepared by Adoption Attorney, Donna Marie Medina, and Appellate Attorney, Liisa R. Speaker. These tips highlight 8 things that many trial judges consistently do wrong in adoption cases, including: DNA Testing, Appointing Attorneys and Enforcing Rules & Orders.

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Prenuptial Agreements: Enforceability and Invasion After Allard III

This whitepaper presented by Liisa R. Speaker highlights the contentious relationship the Michigan courts have always had with prenuptial agreements and how many attorneys are wondering if they still have any meaning at all.

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Mom & Dad Are Fighting: Parenting Time Guidelines Seem to Contradict the Courts

How many times have you had to turn away potential clients looking to adjust their parenting time, because they couldn’t show proper cause or a change in circumstances?

Recent court decisions have reaffirmed this threshold requirement, even in cases where the change wouldn’t affect the child’s established custodial environment. However, the 2021 Parenting Time Guidelines from the Friend of the Court tell a different story. This white paper presented by Liisa R. Speaker, discusses those contradictions.

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